Chapter 3: All Quiet Below the Church

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So we rowed, and we rowed, and we rowed some more,

We found ourselves at the door,

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Hi folks,

I’m planning to release the 3rd entry today, but before then I thought it’d be nice to go ahead and talk a little bit more about the site and myself. In particular, I’ve gone ahead and changed the theme to something a little simpler. I’ve also removed horizontal lines buttons because I feel like those come across as a bit ugly when trying to read fiction.

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Chapter 2: Illusion of Power

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Training to become the Emperor of the Empire Among the Stars was hardly a simple task. The kings and queens of old had it easy: they could inherit their throne from their parents or simply kill their predecessor. There was little additional burden when it came to acquiring the throne. Now, keeping it was another matter Рbut keeping the throne was not yet the concern of the new heir apparent Amarissa Mith.

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Chapter 1: A Change of Plans

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Amarissa Mith was perched upon the roof of one of the towers of the rose gold palace. She could see just about anything worth seeing on Nexus from here. The sun was setting on the capital of the Empire.

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Prologue: A Tale for Thieves

“Can you run me through the story again, please?” asked Inspector Knobles of the Imperial Port Authority. He was wearing an official IPA leather jacket and taking notes.

Across the old wood table sat a short woman with violet hair and a nose ring. Her name was Vic Bianca. But everyone knew to just call her Vic.

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