This is a reasonably spoiler-free list of all of the characters that have appeared in A Rift Among Dragons so far. This list is constantly being updated. If you notice a missing character, please mention them in the comments.

Please note that merely knowing of the existence of certain characters may constitute as a spoiler. If you truly want an unspoiled experience, I recommend reading the story through to the latest entry first and then consulting this page as a sort of helpful reference.

  • Amarissa Mith: the daughter of Emperor Taigon Mith, sister of Lourn Mith, and wanna-be alchemist. She has a small pet dragon named Sparky.
  • Emperor Taigon Mith: the long-reigning emperor of the Empire Among the Stars and the father of Amarissa Mith & Lourn Mith. Resides on the Imperial capital planet of Nexus.
  • Lourn Mith: the Duke of Vel’garde, the home planet of House Mith. The son of Emperor Taigon Mith and the brother of Amarissa Mith. He is next in line to become the Emperor.
  • Captain Mason: a high-ranking official in Imperial Intelligence, a branch of the Imperial Army. He sends regular reports to the Emperor.
  • Doctor Yomgale: the Emperor’s personal physician.
  • Sparky: a Shockjaw (breed of dragon) runt. Amarissa Mith’s companion.
  • Inspector Knobles: a member of the Imperial Port Authority.
  • Vic Bianca: a hotheaded thief that helped steal a precious necklace from House Asolla.
  • The woman with white hair: ???
  • Vorn Telmont: leader of the rebels on Vel’garde.
  • Bishop Martin: Church of Stars official on Nexus.