Hi folks,

I’m planning to release the 3rd entry today, but before then I thought it’d be nice to go ahead and talk a little bit more about the site and myself. In particular, I’ve gone ahead and changed the theme to something a little simpler. I’ve also removed horizontal lines buttons because I feel like those come across as a bit ugly when trying to read fiction.

There’s a new categories menu in the right-hand sidebar called “Arcs”. It only has two categories right now: Arc I and Meta. Meta will contain all posts like this one. They’re basically administrative notes where I come and have a direct discussion with you all.

Arc I is the first arc and will contain the first 5-6 chapters (including the prologue) or so. Arcs won’t have a set length and, on a related note, there is no set length/end point in mind quite yet for the story. I’ll have a better sense of how the story needs to end once I’ve spent a little more time with the characters.

I’m considering putting together a References page. It would basically just be a list of all the unique phrases and words that show up throughout the story. Each item would get a brief (one sentence or thereabouts) description that didn’t spoil the story in any meaningful sense. My original plan was to just keep this for myself, but I think it is something that a few of you might appreciate as the story grows.

In terms of quality of writing, I have to be honest and admit I’m not quite proud of it yet. I knew the introductory chapters would be a little on the weak side – that’s just how I write – and so I can’t pretend that I’m surprised. It always takes me a few chapters of getting to know my characters and the story at large to really get the writing engine revved up.

In terms of popularity/the “health” of the blog, I’ll admit I am surprised! I haven’t told any friends or family about A Rift Among Dragons and yet there’s still a good number of followers already. I’m looking forward to growing along with you all and I sincerely encourage you to leave comments! I don’t bite and I love reading speculation, feedback, etc.

Anyways, that’s pretty much it for now. Like I said, the 3rd entry will be out today. Thanks for reading and sticking with me through these growing pains!



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