An Introduction

Hi, I’m Ava Saboski. I’m a grad student studying journalism at the University of North Texas and I enjoy writing fiction in my spare time.

This blog is my next writing attempt. It is not a pre-written affair that I am setting to publish in advance; I am writing it just before you get a chance to read it. Entries will be lightly edited.

A Rift Among Dragons is going to be a serial affair. It is, in essence, about a new Empress learning to manage a wide-spanning empire and keeping great houses from tearing each other apart. It will feature dragons, time traveling, backstabbing, and a pinch of lust & love. The story will have quite a few LGBTQ+ characters.

I am not aiming to create a supremely formal story format. Each entry will be lightly edited and be of varying length, generally between 500 and 1500 words. My aim is to do at least 4 releases a week, although of course there will be exceptions (in both directions).

My goal is to have the first entry polished & published tonight. I hope you follow along and enjoy the story. Feel free to leave feedback. I will try to go back and edit any errors as I notice them or as they are brought to my attention.

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