Welcome to A Rift Among Dragons. I’m Ava Saboski, a journalism grad student at the Mayborn School of Journalism at the University of North Texas. I enjoy writing fiction in my spare time.

A Rift Among Dragons started as a sort of experiment and has quickly become a sort of meditative habit for me. Expanding on this complex universe with you all while reading your thoughts, interpretations, and critiques is a wonderful experience for me.

The story is an epic fantasy told in a serial style. New entries are released twice a week, with the occasional bonus entry thrown in for good measure. Entries are part of an arc. Arcs are variable in length, but will generally tell a complete sub-story within the overall story of A Rift Among Dragons.

Many of the arcs in A Rift Among Dragons are centered around the main protagonist, Amarissa Mith. She is a wanna-be-alchemist with a dying Emperor for a father.

The central powers at play in A Rift Among Dragons are the Empire Among the Stars and the Rift itself. The Empire is ruled by the Emperor. Each planet is controlled by a Duke and regions of planets are controlled by Barons. The Empire itself is roughly on the technological level of Iron Age civilizations on Earth, but with the addition of certain magical elements.

You might be wondering, planets? Iron Age? That doesn’t sound right. That’s where the Rift comes in. It’s a sub-dimension that can only be accessed by dragons and allows for quick transport between habitable worlds. Through the Rift, the Empire sprung out of the Nexus and became interstellar.

Still interested? Start here with the prologue!